Greatest Hits

In no particular order, here are a few links to my best work:

Classics That Prove Your Grandma Could Kick Bella Swan's Ass

Poor Bella Swan, she really has become the symbol for everything anti-feminist. Although I actually don't believe that's true, I couldn't resist using her name in the title of this article at Book Riot about books from the early-20th and 19th centuries that pass the Bechdel Test.

A Taste for the Forbidden

After I submitted this article on Lancelot and Guinevere for the January/February 2013 issue of Femnista, the editor emailed me to say it was the best article they'd ever published in the magazine. Very sweet of her! You can find the article on pages 10-12.

Literary House Hunters

It's a well-known fact I'm addicted to the TV show House Hunters International. So what, I wondered to myself, would happen if some of my favorite characters from literature went house hunting? Read my hypothesis at Book Riot.

Downton Dudes

Wherein I posit that Downton Abbey, despite centering around a house, is actually all about masculinity. Like a western set in Edwardian England! Read it at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books.

GIFs—Why, How, and What Of

I explain GIFs using gifs. One of my better ideas, I think. Read it at Book Bloggers International.

Harry Potter and the Book of Double Entendres

Where I give everything in Harry Potter sexual overtones. Read it at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books.

Review: THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK by Lewis Carroll

This is probably my favorite of all the hundreds of book reviews I've written in the past five years. Read it at Project Gutenberg Project.

And more to come!

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