Wondering what to serve for Thanksgiving?

templeton rye whiskey
There are so many options other than white wine!

Check out my picks in red wine, champagne, and liquor over at The Pueblo Pulp.


Love Taylor Swift? Love Reading? This Is the Post For You.

taylor swift in blank space video
I give you five books to read if you can't get enough of Taylor Swift's newest video, "Blank Space."

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San Luis Valley Brewing Company in Alamosa, Colorado

san luis valley brewing co interiorThe San Luis Valley Brewing Company was the featured brewer in November's edition of The Pueblo Pulp.

Read my write-up of one SoCO's best breweries here.


I review THE BLACK MOTH by Georgette Heyer at The Project Gutenberg Project

the black moth by georgette heyer
Did you know Georgette Heyer's first novel is in the public domain?

The Black Moth has EVERYTHING: kidnapping, highwaymen, cheating, a villain you love to hate because he's the only character with a sense of humor, secret earls, a shrieking harpy of a wife, heiresses, star-crossed lovers, duels, sword fights, fashion, a put-upon manservant/sidekick, love affairs... I could go on. Is it crazy over-the-top? YES. Does it go too far at times? YES. Do I think it's Heyer's best work? I certainly hope not. BUT—did I enjoy the hell out of it? YUP.

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I review NIGHTCRAWLER at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books

nightcrawler challenger srt 380
This week, I review the movie Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It's definitely a thinking person's thriller!

I love it when filmmakers take a trope like a car chase and turn it completely on its head, which is what happens in Nightcrawler. Now that's entertainment.

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How To Tell A Romance Novel Hero Is Interested In You

edward cullen staring
I give romance novel heroines a few hints that the guy they like-like might just return their affections over at Book Riot.