Advanced Mixology: Make Your Own Bitters From Local Ingredients

bitter herbs
If you’re making your own bitters to begin with, why not follow in the tradition of the monks who first made them and source all your ingredients locally? Your bitters will cost less, be completely unique, and you’ll have the chance to experiment with unusual flavors.

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My Favorite Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel

the age of innocence book cover
To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd have a favorite Pulitzer Prize novel, because I generally stick to reading genre fiction. But it turns out one of my most favoritest novels was also a Pulitzer Prize winner: Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence!

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I Knew She Was Trouble With a Capital L

Laura movie still
Have you ever noticed a lot of women in crime fiction novels have names that start with L? And these women tend to be trouble?

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I review THE GREAT SECRET by E. Phillips Oppenheim at The Project Gutenberg Project

great e phillips oppenheim novels
The Great Secret is not to be confused with The Great Impersonation, also by E. Phillips Oppenheim. The man apparently really liked the word great! I thought The Great Secret a much better book than The Great Impersonation, which is crazy because I enjoyed the hell out of The Great Impersonation.

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