South African Wine: The Basics

south african wine vineyard

In the US, South African wine is mysterious to even the most well-versed oenophiles. From their labeling system to the names of their grape varieties, South African wine follows its own rules. Luckily I'm here to make the learning curve easier with this introduction to the world of South African wine over at Wine Cooler Direct.

Diverse Historical Romances

recommended diverse historical romances

Tired of the same old historical romances? Fear not! I'm here to shake you out of your historical romance rut with a list of awesome books featuring characters of color, not to mention unusual settings and time periods. It's guaranteed to put some diversity back in your romantic reading.

Vermouth 101

vermouth cocktails

You probably know vermouth as a mixer in classic cocktails like martinis and manhattans, but what exactly is vermouth? The answer is a wine! Vermouth is an aromatized wine with a long history and a dizzying number of varieties. I tell you more about vermouth and share some new, vermouth-centric cocktails for this bar staple over at Wine Cooler Direct.

MI TIERRA at the Denver Art Museum

Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 36 at the Denver Art Museum
Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 36
Currently on view at the Denver Art Museum is Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Space, an exhibit of original installation pieces from Latino/a artists. These remarkable pieces comment on race, gender, politics, and history, and some of them are just plain cool. Read my full review at The Pueblo PULP.

All About Sake

sake japanese wine

Sake is to Japan what wine is to France and scotch is to Scotland: it’s considered the country’s national drink. Yet there’s so much more to sake than the hot, clear liquor most Americans only drink at Japanese restaurants. Sake can be refined, savory, and complex.
Find out more about sake–what it is, what sorts of sake are out there, and how to drink it–in my sake 101 article over at Wine Cooler Direct.