Discover Japan's Happening Wine Scene

JiP Japanese Wine Bar Tokyo
JiP Wine Bar, Tokyo
When Americans think of drinking in Japan, they probably think of sake. But in recent years western drinks like beer, whisky, and even wine have outpaced sake in its home country. There's now a new and up-and-coming Japanese wine scene that includes wine made in Japan. I tell you more about my experiences drinking wine in Japan over at Wine Cooler Direct.

Northern Europe's Influence on Venetian Art During the Renaissance

Madonna and Child with Sts Catherine and Dominic and a Donor Titian

Madonna and Child with Sts Catherine and Dominic and a Donor by Titian, 1512-1516

Recently the Denver Art Museum hosted an exhibit of Italian Renaissance artworks from Venice. Surprisingly, the theme of the exhibit was not the Oriental influence on Venetian art, but rather Northern Europe's–specifically the work of Albrecht Dürer. It was a fascinating exhibit that I write about in more detail over at The Pueblo PULP.

Agatha Christie Tourist Destinations

Orient Express Train Car
The Orient Express. Image by Murdockcrc via Wikimedia Commons
Walk–and read!–in the footsteps of the world's most famous mystery novelist, Agatha Christie, with these Christie-related destinations. Over at Book Riot, I give you the 411 on visiting everything from Christie's former house, the island from And Then There Were None, and the Orient Express.

Books about Wine

Books About Wine

Wine is a fascinating, ever-evolving subject and there's a ton of books out there about it. Over at Book Riot, I take a look at three books (some fiction, some non-) about wine and clue you in on whether they're worth your time or not.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

wine gift

What's the perfect gift to give the wine lover in your life (besides a bottle of wine, obvs)? I give you a list of five fun wine accessories that make the perfect gift for any occasion over at Wine Direct.