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waking the merrow cover
Find out what I thought about a quirky contemporary romance, Neanderthal Seeks Human; a horror novel about mermaids, Waking the Merrow; a classic Cinderella tale from 1918, Patricia Brent, Spinster; and the literary fiction sensation, Beautiful Ruins, this week on Book Riot's Buy, Borrow, Bypass.


I review Templeton Rye at Cocktail Paparazzi

templeton rye whiskey
Back in the days of Prohibition, the tiny town of Templeton, Iowa, was famous for producing  the good stuff”—fine rye whiskey that was the preferred spirit of Al Capone and his gangsters. Supposedly Templeton Rye, which started legal production in 2006, is based on the original bootleg recipe.

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What was my favorite read in June?

laura florand the chocolate temptation
Laura Florand's The Chocolate Temptation!

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I discuss IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING by Julie James with Anachronist from Portable Pieces of Thoughts

it happened one wedding julie james cover
Since I knew Anachronist from Portable Pieces of Thoughts has had similar issues with James' books—only with an added soup├žon of hatred—I thought it would be fun if we discussed James' latest, It Happened One Wedding.

So what did Anachronist and I think? You might be surprised.

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Mary Stewart, the Grande Dame of Romantic Suspense

mary stewart
Mary Stewart is one of the most famous romantic suspense novelists of the 20th century, and for good reason—her books are escapist adventure tales that whisk you away to exotic locales and make you believe anything can happen.

If you've ever wanted to read Mary Stewart but didn't know where to start, try out these three book I suggest at Book Riot.


The Amazon Fire Phone—A Highly Scientific Analysis

man staring at amazon fire phone
I have not seen, held, or used the new Amazon Fire Phone. But I really don't need to—the promotional video tells us all we need to know.

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