I review LAVENDER AND OLD LACE by Myrtle Reed at The Project Gutenberg Project

lavender and old lace myrtle reed cover
...don't get me started on the scenes between Miss Ainslie and Carl, which all things considered are extremely weird and awkward. Miss Ainslie's always asking about him, and wondering if he'd find it "indelicate" if she wore low-cut dresses, and making him sit in her room at night and hold her hand. It's all crowned by the final scene, which is like something from Eyeroll Incorporated.

Looks like I didn't like this one much! Find out why the relationship between Carl and Miss Ainslie creeped me out a bit, and why I now have the song "Brandy" stuck in my head, over at The Project Gutenberg Project.


Reading Book Series: A Philosophy

book series
As a reader, there are some things I put way too much thought into. And one of those things is how to approach a long-running series of books. In order? Out of order? Order publication or chronologically? There are a lot of options!

What's your philosophy when it comes to reading book series? Tell me over at Book Riot.