On Drinking Hours – An Excerpt from The Introvert's Guide to Drinking Alone

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If you’re an introvert, you may be lucky enough to work from home. This has many benefits, as your need to interact with people you don’t want to is blissfully limited to shopping, the post office, your family, and the occasional trip.

There is one thing you need to watch out for when you work at home, however, and that’s drinking hours.

Brendan Behan once said, “I’m a drinker with writing problems,” and when you’re your own boss and make your own hours, keeping business and pleasure (or annoyances) separate can certainly be a problem.

In his book, The Blogger Abides, Christopher Higgins talks about when he first started freelance writing. Every day he’d go to the pub to write children’s novels and have a pint. Then he’d have another pint and write some more. And then another pint. Point is, he wrote a whole series of children’s novels drunk (and hopefully edited sober) before he realized the need for “drinking hours,” which he recommends to every freelance writer.

When you have a job outside your house, it’s generally considered bad form to drink during it. You get judgy looks from your coworkers, and then you have to drive home. But what’s to stop you from taking a nip or two while you’re working at home? DRINKING HOURS, that’s what!

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the introvert's guide to drinking alone